Fashicoo is a clothing retail brand acting as a first only ecommerce marketplace for your fashion apperal with a mantra of Your Fashion Our Priority. Being a joint venture of Dorts Technologies Inc, which is innovating life for luxury and comfort, starting in the pandemic where everything is paused but elegance continues as we believe that personality reflects from what you wear.

We pride ourselves on being a complete apparel brand that deals in eastern wear,weatern wear and accessories for women of all ages. We have a wide range in different categories and textures like silk, chiffon, cotton, cambric, lawn and fabrics that suit the season.

Our clothing line reflects current fashion trends with modest detailing. Designs are inspired from Renaissance, Aztec, Fusion, Arabian and other aesthetics.

From the humble beginnings of a brand that believed in being our cultural wear to expand to the world wear, we have the aim moved forward with more decorative touches to our portfolio and have strung together a loyal base of customers in Pakistan starting as ecommerce to expand in retail globally.

DORTS Corporation is a technology company leading ventures to simplify and create luxury comfort for customers by providing them online platforms with commitment to operational thinking and long term executions leading to make life easy, happy and reliable.

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